This morning I listened to “Love Crusade” By Michael W Smith it was written a few ago but I think the message is more then ever needed this day in age.  I think a Love Crusade needs to happen.  Where people just band together and just show as much love as possible to everyone around them.  It might just be with starting some place small.  Like mending a broken relationship with a friend, significant other, co worker etc..  Maybe its just having that talk with your wife or husband comes your marriage has become distance.  Maybe it showing some stranger you care by pay it forward by buying there Dunkin or Star Bucks or paying for their groceries .  We all should start somewhere and make it a Crusade not a one day thing but really push into it and take ground with Love.  Find someone that might not expect you to love on them and show them love and kindness!  Make them feel special.  Take them higher! Make their day.  Maybe they will take that and make someone else day and before you know it this starts spreading around.   Just get out there and do it!!

God bless you all,