I haven’t felt right the last few days and today I spent a lot of it in bed but that hasn’t stop me from trying to make a difference in someone’s else life.   Today for example I posted two Facebook status messages letting the world know about two of my friends and how important I think they are.  I do not know if they will appreciate it or not but that does not matter to me.  The important thing is I want them to know how important they are and if they are ever feeling down I am there for them cause you just never know when they might need someone if their world comes crashing down.

So my challenge to all of you is find someone who is hurting today and help cheer them up.   Don’t let them leave the day on sour note.  Give them a smile, Give them something to cheer about and all it might take is a simple hello or a simple post card or s simple hey can I buy you lunch/dinner.  Give it a shot I bet you will find it will bring you some joy for the day as well.