What it means to give.  Well today I took a trip to Dunkin Donuts with a good friend, while waiting in line at the drive thru I informed him that I manage to lose $1oo at the casino last night. (It was stupid of me of course) So we place are order he goes to give me money for his drink and I said don’t worry about it I’ve got you.  When I get up to the drive thru window I pay for my order and explain I would like to pay for the two cars behind me.  The cashier says “ok this should be interesting telling the other cars someone paid for them” My guess is he has never had to do that before well I finish paying for both cars and he hands me my change and goes you are a good Samaritan which gave me goosebumps hearing him say that. Needless to say it made my day.

Now needless to say I have no idea if those two cars behind me even appreciated it.  I hope they had the courage to pay it forward for the cars behind them and that it started a chain of pay it forwards or they took that and went and did something good for someone else.  I sure hope so.  All I know is never stop doing good. Never stop trying to make someone’s day!  Always act out of kindness  Be the reason someone smiles today.

God bless,